Wing Chun is a very economical and practical combat system. Combat because it is not designed for sport, and system because it has systematic techniques and principles. The system specializes in close combat. Wing Chun has a rich history as passed down through past warriors to present day masters.  This highly effective system is not dependant on size or strength so it is appropriate for any individual.If you are interested in learning a no-nonsense, authentic, system of self defense you will love what we have to offer. We have certified instructors who will help you attain your goals and acheive a more confident, healthier life.Come visit our classes and find out about our free introductory offer.

Instructed by Sifu Angela Minerva
Member of the Samuel Kwok Martial Art Association
2011 Arizona Seminar with Sifu Samuel Kwok
Arizona Seminar 2012
Phoenix Wing Chun
Arizona Seminar 2010
Arizona Seminar 2011
Arizona Seminar 2012